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Welcome To Natures Pasture

About Us

Natures Pasture is a family owned and operated farm located in Auburndale, Wisconsin. Natures Pasture is dedicated to growing natural food in a natural environment. Our specialty is grass-fed Black Angus beef and pastured chicken and turkey. We feed and finish all of our beef on fresh grown perennial natural grasses. We believe in providing our cattle a better quality of life by mimicking nature. All of the beef we sell comes from our farm. We are small enough to intimately care for our land as well as large enough to raise herds of premium grass-fed Black Angus beef.

Our Practices

Natures Pasture is committed to providing quality Black Angus grass-fed beef. In order to do so, there are certain practices that are followed. Our cattle are strictly Black Angus cattle. Our cattle are stringently fed grass. We do not inject our cattle with any growth hormones, antibiotics, etc. The cattle we raise graze all day and night on natural pastures. We rotate our cows daily, which allow them to have access to fresh grass and a clean area to graze. Rotating also allows for natural fertilization of our pastures. Not only are our practices better for us, they are also better for the cattle and for the environment. Our cattle are raised in a serene, stress free environment, mimicking nature.


All of the cattle we raise are grass fed Black Angus. At Natures Pasture, we strive to mimic nature, meaning our cattle graze day and night on natural grass pastures, and they are never given any types of hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. They are also strictly grass-fed, meaning we feed them no grain what-so-ever. Our natural pastures and rotation process gives our cattle everything natures intended. In turn, we are able to deliver high quality premium grass-fed Black Angus beef.

Your Family's Source for Sustainable Meat