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Why Our Grass Fed Beef

You already know how much you love beef, but you’re concerned about your health and you’re not sure how good beef is for you. We’re concerned about our health, too… which is why we’d like to introduce you to the health advantages of choosing grass-fed beef.

But first, we’d like to explain what sets apart our quality beef so you understand why it’s superior to other beef you may have enjoyed in the past. Our breed of choice is Black Angus. We allow them to roam in open pastures all day, grazing exclusively on fresh grown perennial natural grasses because that’s how it is in nature. We rotate them daily to give them access to fresh grass and clean green pastures. We never inject them with growth hormones, antibiotics, or anything impure, because it’s not good for them, for us, or for the environment. We’re not a mass-producer; we’re a small farm in touch with sustainable methods of farming which means we can offer a better quality of life to our cattle. You can be as proud of your purchase as we are proud of our quality meat.

So what does our beef have to offer your family’s health? First of all, it is lower in fat because of the cows’ grass diet and constant exercise. It is also full of Omega 3, which is essential fatty acid that cannot be produced by our bodies. You may have heard of Omega 3s due to the popularity they’ve received: they have been proven to help brain performance as well as being essential for maintaining good health. Omega-3s are also heart healthy. Grass-fed beef also contains about four times the amounts of vitamins A and D that ordinary beef has… thanks to cows that enjoy plenty of grass and plenty of sunshine!

Were you aware that grass-fed beef has cancer-fighting agents? It contains about four times the amount of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), which has many health benefits, including being a proven anti-cancer agent, hindering the growth of tumors. Studies show that it also decreases body fat.

Grain-fed cattle have a much higher incidence of dangerous e-coli strains due to the excessive acidity produced by their grain diet, making our beef much safer. Our cattle graze freely… they don’t stand around in their own filth and squalor in a small area. Our Grass fed beef is raised humanely, as Mother Nature intended and as we, as environmentally responsible consumers, should support!

Our beef is of course raised in the USA, which means you’re supporting small family farms and helping them stay in operation. Your money staying in the country also supports the American economy. And, your meat will get to you fresher!

We hope that these reasons will be enough to get you to try our beef, because we know that once you try it because it’s a superior product, you’ll find out for yourself how much tastier it is! We know that high quality cows with a good lifestyle and the diet that nature intended — and none of the scientific shortcuts and fillers like hormones and additives, so you know it’s pure – will provide you with the best meat that nature can offer. And you’ll know that you’re bringing a healthful and delicious meal to the table!

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